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Welcome to! We are your ultimate destination for non-medication solutions to alleviate back pain and knee pain. Founded by Dr. Ed Hanada (“Dr. Ed”), an MD specializing in the Rehabilitation of Spine, Sports and General Musculoskeletal and Pain Medicine, we offer a wide range of effective remedies that prioritize your well-being.

Say goodbye to endless trips to the pharmacy or side-effects from medications, and embrace a holistic approach to pain management. understands the physical and emotional toll that chronic pain can take, which is why they have curated a collection of carefully selected products and treatments that target the root cause of your discomfort.

Let us lead you on a journey towards reclaiming a pain-free and fulfilling life, utilizing remedies that are gentle yet powerful. Start your journey to wellness today and discover a world of natural solutions that will restore comfort to your back and knees.

Dr. Hanada is a Physiatrist with specialty training in persons with back pain and musculoskeletal disorders

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